Megan Metheney

Sheet music



Harp music to intended to hone improvisational skills for you and your students. 

Mon Souffle

For lever or pedal harp and cello. 

Available through:

Melody's Music (PDF and print version)

Harp Column Music (PDF)

Melody's Music


For harp and piano (or 2 harps). 

Melody's Music (PDF and print version)

Cote d'Azur, France

Bernard's Christmas

arrangements for pedal and lever harp 

Available as a downloadable PDF:

        Sylvia Woods Harp Center 

        Melody's Traditional Music 

        Harp Column Music​ 

        Harps Etc.

Print version:
        Melody's Traditional Music, Texas
        Kolacny Music, Colorado, Utah
        Virginia Harp Center, New Jersey
        Virginia Harp Center, Virginia 
        Harps Etc., California
        The Harp Studio, United Kingdom

Lettre d'amour

For lever or pedal harp. 

Available as a PDF through:

Melody's Music

Harp Column Music