Cote d'azur, France​ 

Harpist, composer, and teacher.

A spirited harpist hailing from the deserts of Arizona, Megan Metheney currently weaves her craft from the Cote d’Azur in France. Whether serenading a solitary soul or captivating a crowd of a thousand, her dedication to delivering an extraordinary musical experience knows no bounds. 

Her playing is inspired by the unique sound of the instrument- its resonance, its possibilities, and its sacred voice. Megan collaborates regularly with musicians and artistic groups throughout Europe and the US and plays solo in a variety of styles and genres,  using Celtic, pedal, and electric harps.​​

Megan's 2014 album Bernard's Christmas featuring music by French composer Bernard Andrès was deemed "gorgeous" by Harp Column Magazine, with the published arrangements to follow in 2016. Megan collaborated with vocalist/percussionist Rebekah West to create and record improvised music from a tiny chapel where she lives in Cabris, France, resulting in the 2015 album Les Audides. Her composition Mon Souffle for harp and cello was premiered at the American Harp Society National Conference in 2022. In addition, Elles for harp and piano was premiered at the Harpissima festival in Monaco in 2022. She received the 2024 American Harp Society's Weiger Lepke-Sims Family Sacred Music Award for her Psalm 23, The Song of the Shepherd, written for children's choir. 

Megan teaches in her private studio as well as the Conservatoire de Musique in Cannes.

​Megan holds a Bachelor of Music in harp from the University of Arizona with jazz harpist Carrol McLaughlin and a Masters in Music from the University of Texas at Austin under Delaine Fedson. She gained a Premiere Prix from the Conservatoire de Musique in Grasse, France under the tutelage of Alessandra Magrini and Elisabeth Fontan-Binoche. ​Megan cherishes the memories of her first harp lessons at the age of 12 with Phoenix-based harpist Adrienne Bridgewater.​